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My Naniji: My First Love


My Naniji is one of the woman I have always loved. She is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life 🙂

This is her photo in her younger days. This is probably her 50 years old photo. I must have been either really old in those days in my last life or must be waiting to have/acquire a body somewhere up there in the space 🙂

Now She is very old, but still I am sure if She participates in a beauty contest She will win it! I got these photos of her long back and when I first saw these photos, I was shocked and I asked my Naniji, “Is that really you? You look like an old film actress and I am sure you would have taken breaths of several people away had you acted in movies!”

She smiled and just said “Many people say so!” 🙂

This is her photo with a baby who when grew up and got married to my father and gave birth to naughty me, I started calling her Mummy 🙂

Yes in her lap is my mother. My Naniji is a symbolism of motherliness “Mamata” (in Hindi). She is one of those people I have seen in my life who is filled with Love, Unconditional Love. Almost everybody in her surrounding likes her because of her comfort giving capabilities to people around. This is what makes her really beautiful ever, even in her old age. Yes, She is one of the most beautiful woman to me even now when She is around 76 years old.

Apart from being a very Loving person my Naniji is also a very courageous woman. Really without courage Love cannot come out! Without courage if Love is visible anywhere then it is not Love, it is Attachment! Unconditional Love demands tremendous amount of Courage, which my Naniji has. I have seen it in her. To maintain a good relationship with my Father is not an easy thing to do, but my Naniji did it. Yes She did it! And that also very efficiently. My Mamaji, Mamiji and other relatives couldn’t do it, but my Naniji did maintain a good relationship with my Father. She is the only person I think, in which my Father couldn’t find a flaw and did not have an altercation with!

Maintaining a good relationship is more difficult in my opinion than climbing Mount Everest. Yes my Naniji has already achieved those heights 🙂

She got married to my Nanaji.

Yes, the handsome man above is my Nanaji 🙂

My Nanaji has been a forest officer. He never interfered in household related things in my home. They were all managed by my Naniji.

My Nanaji and Naniji collectively and with mutual agreement gave birth to three children, My Mother and My Two Mamajis 🙂

In this photo boy is my elder Mamaji and girl is my Mother 🙂
My elder Mamaji, Nanaji and Naniji live in Indore.

This small boy is my younger Mamaji. Currently he is living at Bhopal.

This is a small introduction to the family on my mother’s side.

I must say it in the end, “I Love You Naniji” 🙂