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Life of a Security Guard


Almost all of the security guards at IIIT-H are my friends. I planned to talk to one of them today. His name is Kumar Swami. I asked him (In Hindi), “Can I talk to you bhaiyya for some time if you are free?”.

Oh Yes Sure, he said.

I will ask you a few questions, would you like to answer them for me?

Yes please ask.

Why do you want to ask me questions bhaiyya, he asked.

I want to know about you that how you live and I will let others also know about it, I said.

OK bhaiyya ask me whatever you want, he said with a pleasant smile on his face.

What is your name?

Kumar Swami

Which place do you belong to?

Warangal (Parakkal)

Are you married?

Yes, I have two children.

Where in Hyderabad you live?

Masid Banda.

How much IIIT-H gives you (salary)?

7500 Rs per month.

How much is your house rent?

1500 Rs.

What are your work timings?

It is 12 hours a day. Sometimes day shift and sometimes night shift. 8 to 8.

How many days a week you work?

7 days a week.

I was amazed! I was thinking he will say 6 days, but 7 days a week, 12 hours a day duty is too much!

In which class your kids study?

One is in 1st class and other is in 2nd.

Which school they are in?

Shri Rama Public School.

What is their school fees?

2000 Rs per month for both.

Your wife also works?

Yes, she does stitching.

How much she is able to earn?

1000 Rs per month.

What your parents do?

They are in agriculture.

How much land you do they have in warangal?

A big piece of land.

Why did you migrate to Hyderabad?

No job available in Warangal.

How do you manage your family with money you and your wife earn?

In total we earn: 7500 + 1000 = 8500 Rs.

Out of which (per month expenditure), 1500 for rent, 2000 for school fees of kids, 2000 food expenditure, 500 Rs for travelling in public transport, others and around 1000 to 2000 Rs I save in bank.

Are you happy doing this job?

Not really. In this job I have very less time to sleep, very less time to take care of my health, my eating habits and timings have gone bad, I eat at 6 in the morning and come here and sometimes I have lunch in the afternoon otherwise directly dinner, I am left with no time for my family and other things even if I want to do them.

How are you relationships with your family members at home?

They are good.

Do you smoke or drink?


What did you want to become in your life?

After I completed my studies I wanted to settle in life, wanted to do a job or businness.

What would you like to become in your next birth?

A big officer.

How students, staff, faculty etc. treat you here?

They treat me well. Students call me bhaiyya and staff and faculty are also good. Faculty and staff call me “Security”.

Do they give you respect?


What do you think about people? How do you find students and faculty here?

Everybody is good.

Here I stopped asking anymore questions. I said, “I am very happy to talk to bhaiyya. You are  an inspiration for us in many ways “.

He was sitting on his chair, I requested him to get up and then I gave him a “Jadoo ki Jhappi”.

He was quite happy, my eyes were also slightly moist.

This is where we finished our conversation.

I will not write my personal views or interpretation on this conversation. It is left on the reader to read and interpret their ways.


दुनिया बहुत बड़ा पागलखाना है


सरल सहज जीवन है भैय्या,
इसे मत उलझाओ रे ..
जीना बहुत सरल है उसको
समझो और समझाओ रे …

देखो सरल अस्तित्व यहाँ ..
सरल सहज सहयोगी ..
मानव को छोड़ यहाँ, हैं सब निरोगी ..
संबंध भी कोई वस्तु है इसको
समझो और समझाओ रे …

सरल सहज जीवन है भैय्या,
इसे मत उलझाओ रे ..

सदा सुखी जीवन जीना ही
हर मानव की  प्यास है ..
बिना समझ के व्यवहार कार्य से ..
सभी यहाँ उदास हैं|
पहचानों अपने आप को रे भैय्या ..
और सुखी हो जाओ रे ..

सरल सहज जीवन है भैय्या,
इसे मत उलझाओ रे ..

मिटटी पानी पेड़ पशु ..
सभी हैं तेरे सहयोगी ..
इन सबका है आचरण निश्चित,
हैं ये सब सच्चे योगी …
समझदार हो मानव धरा तो ..
स्वर्ग पाओ रे …

सरल सहज जीवन है भैय्या,
इसे मत उलझाओ रे ..

सब संबंधी सभी सगे हैं ..
है यहाँ नहीं कोई ढोंगी ..
संबंध में ही होता है मानव सुखी …
बस मान्यता से ही है रोगी ..
मान्यता से मुक्त हो कर रे भैय्या,
संबंध के सुख को पाओ रे …

सरल सहज जीवन है भैय्या,
इसे मत उलझाओ रे ..
जीना बहुत सरल है उसको
समझो और समझाओ रे …