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DevD and Chanda


“Koi baat nahin beta, jo ho gaya so ho gaya, ab sab bhool jao”.

This statement in this movie by Chanda made me to watch this movie again.

I watched this movie twice. I never had plans to watch this movie. One of my friends asked me for a party and that also to be celebrated in his way. He persuaded me to watch this movie. I went with him. In the very first 30-45 minutes of movie I felt this is not of my kind. I was finding it totally meaningless. I under evaluated the movie. I was in theater but not watching it. I went into my own thoughts and probably concentrated on just 20-25% of it. My comments on the movie after first time were, it is a totally pathetic, psychic movie which revolves around only sex.

I continued with my same opinion for a long time, but somewhere I also got reminded of a few more things which were there in my cache somewhere and I felt that this movie had shown some feelings very well. I listened to the songs and took movie DVD from somebody. Print was not good so I just scrolled through some of the portions of the movie which I had liked and realized that this movie had something more than what I had concluded in the first time. I then ultimately decided to watch this movie again.

I went alone to watch this movie to theater. It was not the firs time when I was watching a movie in theater alone. This time I watched it completely, without loosing anything and as per my prediction, it is really a well directed, well made, nicely acted, awesome movie. It shows the feelings in a very nice way. The things which I was finding weird in the first time, actually I realized that they have a very important role in the manifestation of those feelings in the movie. I liked Chanda’s part the most.

The way she gets indulged into MMS scandal and she comes to know that everybody has come to know. The way the feeling of loosing respect is shown. The way a feeling of helplessness is shown. The way one’s feelings when one feels that nobody is there for him/her, is shown, is really appreciable. She comes to India and gets rejected by her family members and that also in a very harsh way. She ultimately leaves the place, comes to Delhi and there she nothing to eat even. Unfortunately she has to indulge into prostitution. Chanda’s story again takes a pace when Dev enters her life. The most touching part of the movie which I found was, when Chanda starts liking Dev, starts caring for him. At one point Dev says, “What do you know about pain?”. She tells her story to him. She says, “Mujhe to aise ghoorate the sab jaise meine jaane kitne khoon kiye hon, agar poori duniya ne mujhe dekh liya to mein kya karun aur sabko kaise pata chala ki wo mein hi thi, naa to MMS TV par dikhaya tha, naa meri photo kahin publish hui thi, kyunki sab ne download kar ke dekha tha, sabne maze liye and they called me the slut”.

And then comes the song, “Dil mein jaage arman naye .. “. After this Chanda shares her personal experiences with Dev about her family. Where she says, “Mera baap hone ke bajaye, mujhe gale se lagakar bolne ke bajaye ki koi baat nahin beta jo ho gaya so ho gaya, bhool jao, unhone khud ko goli maar li”, then Dev hugs her says the same, “Koi baat nahin beta, jo ho gaya so ho gaya, ab sab bhool jao“.

This need for this assurance that at least somebody is there for you, this feeling or expectation of getting accepted unconditionally is shown really very well.

This movie has shown some feelings really very well. The kind of feeling of deprivation of Dev, the kind of feeling of loosing everything in case of Chanda. The direction, the music, the manifestation of feelings is really good. If one can keep apart some of the controvertial dialogs and issues then this movie has shown feelings really very well. Songs also depict the feelings really good.


आकर्षण संबंध नहीं है


हमारे रोजाना के जीने में देखने में आता है कि हम कई लोगों से बात चीत करते हैं, कई लोगों के साथ उठते बैठते हैं, मिलते हैं| कई लोग हमें अच्छे लगते हैं, कई बुरे| अच्छे लगने वाले लोगों में भी कई लोग ज्यादा अच्छे लगते हैं, कई लोग कम और ऐसा ही बुरे लगने वाले लोगों के साथ में भी होता है| अक्सर हम लोगों को एक मापदंड पर मापते हैं और उसके आधार पर वे हमें अच्छे बुरे लगते हैं| सभी लोगों ने अपने खुद के अलग अलग मापदंड बना रखे होते हैं| किसी को कोई व्यक्ति अच्छा लगता है किसी को कोई दूसरा और ऐसा तो अक्सर देखने में आता है कि कोई व्यक्ति किसी एक व्यक्ति को अच्छा लगता है और किसी दूसरे व्यक्ति को नहीं| जो लोग हमारे मापदंड पर खरे उतरते हैं हम उनकी तरफ आकर्षित होते हैं और जो नहीं उतरते उनसे हम प्रत्याकर्षित होते हैं| अगर हम ध्यान से देखें तो यह देखने में आता है कि हमारे संबंधों में आकर्षण और प्रत्याकर्षण का अत्यधिक प्रभाव रहता है| बल्कि मुझे यह कहना चाहिए कि अभी जिसे हम संबंध कहते हैं उसका आधार आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण ही बना रहता है| यही आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण हमारे लोगों को तोलने के मापदंड का आधार बना रहता है|

यहाँ पर इस आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण को समझना जरूरी हो जाता है| अगर हम उन सब चीज़ों की एक लिस्ट बनाएं जिनकी तरफ हम आकर्षित होते हैं तो उनमें कई सारी चीज़ें देखने में आती हैं| दूसरे व्यक्ति के विचारों का हमारे विचारों से मिलना, दूसरे व्यक्ति का हमारे ऊपर विश्वास करना, दूसरे व्यक्ति के द्वारा हमारा सम्मान किया जाना, दूसरे व्यक्ति के लिए मेरा मूल्यवान होना, उसके द्वारा मुझ पर ध्यान दिया जाना, उसके साथ में मुझे आराम महसूस होना, उसका शारीरिक रूप से सुन्दर होना, उसका ऊंचे पद पर स्थापित होना, उसका समाज में प्रतिष्ठित होना, उसका धनवान होना, उसका बलवान होना, दूसरे व्यक्ति का समझदार होना, इत्यादि| और भी कई सारी चीज़ें हो सकती हैं जो मेरे दूसरे व्यक्ति की तरफ आकर्षित होने के लिए जिम्मेदार हों| जो भी चीज़ें मुझे दूसरे व्यक्ति की तरफ आकर्षित करती हैं, वे लोगों को तोलने के लिए मेरे मापदंड का आधार बनती हैं| अक्र्सर हमें यह पता नहीं होता कि हम किन चीज़ों कि तरफ आकर्षित होते हैं, तो हमारा हमारे मापदंड के आधार के प्रति सजग होना तो बहुत ही दूर कि बात है| खुद में होने वाले आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण के आधार पर मैं लोगों को अच्छा बुरा ठहराता हूँ|

यहाँ पर अगर और ध्यान से देखा जाए तो यह देखने में आता है कि किसी व्यक्ति के प्रति आकर्षण के मूल में दो चीज़ें देखने में आती हैं:-
१. दूसरे व्यक्ति से मिलने वाले इन्द्रिय अस्वादन का मुझे अच्छा लगना| जैसे दूसरे व्यक्ति का शारीरिक रूप से दिखने में सुन्दर होना, इत्यादि|
२. दूसरे व्यक्ति से मेरे किसी भी तरह के जुडाव के आधार पर मेरे मूल्य में वृद्धि का मुझे महसूस होना या स्वयं में विश्वास, सम्मान का अनुभव होना| जैसे किसी प्रतिष्ठित व्यक्ति से मेरे जुडाव के आधार पर मुझे अच्छा लगना, किसी रूपवान व्यक्ति के सान्निध्य में अच्छा लगना, किसी धनवान व्यक्ति के सान्निध्य को पाकर स्वयं में अच्छा महसूस करना, किसी ऐसे व्यक्ति के सान्निध्य को पा कर के अच्छा लगना जो मुझे समझता है, मुझ पर विश्वास करता है, मेरा सम्मान करता है, इत्यादि|

आकर्षण के मूल में ये दो ही चीज़ें देखने में आती हैं| इसमें भी अगर और ध्यान से देखें तो यह दिखता है कि दूसरे तथ्य के आधार पर होने वाले आकर्षण में ज्यादा प्रबलता है| जैसे किसी रूपवान व्यक्ति कि तरफ आकर्षित होने पर अगर हमें पता चले कि उसके विचार, कार्य, व्यवहार हमारी तरफ अच्छा नहीं है तो हमें उससे प्रत्याकर्षण होने लगता है| उसी तरह कोई व्यक्ति अगर शारीरिक रूप से सुन्दर नहीं है पर उसके सान्निध्य में हमें अच्छा महसूस होता है, वह व्यक्ति हम पर विश्वास करता है, हमारे बारे में अच्छा सोचता है, हमारा सही मूल्यांकन करता है तो हमें अच्छा लगता है| ऐसे में शरीर कि कुरूपता कि ओर ध्यान नहीं जाता| इससे यह सिद्धः हो जाता है कि मनुष्य विश्वास, सम्मान पूर्वक जीना चाहता है| मनुष्य में भावः पक्ष प्रधान रहता है तथा नित्य प्रभावी रहता है| मनुष्य में विश्वास, सम्मान पूर्वक जीने कि यह चाहना नित्य बनी रहती है| जहाँ पर भी मनुष्य को यह विश्वास सम्मान की आवश्यकता पूरी होती हुई नज़र आती है, वह उस तरफ आकर्षित होता है और जहाँ से पूरी होती हुई नज़र नहीं आती वह वहां से प्रत्याकर्षित होता है|

यहाँ पर ऐसा देखने में आता है कि मनुष्य अपने आप को अक्सर अपने आस पास के लोगों कि नज़रों से देखता है| अगर उसे ऐसा लगता है कि उसके आस पास के लोग उसे अच्छा देखते हैं तो वह अच्छा महसूस करता है, उन लोगों कि तरफ आकर्षित होता है तथा अगर उसे लगता है कि उसके आस पास के लोग उसे अच्छा नहीं देखते, उसके बारे में अच्छा नहीं सोचते तो वह उनसे प्रत्याकर्षित होता है, उसे उनके साथ में अच्छा नहीं लगता| यहाँ पर से यही समझ में आता है कि अभी संबंध का आधार आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण ही बना रहता है| मनुष्य अपने मूल्य को, दूसरों के उसके प्रति नज़रिए के आधार पर पहचानता है| जो लोग उसे मूल्यवान महसूस कराते हैं वह उनकी तरफ आकर्षित होता है तथा जो उसे नहीं कराते वह उनसे प्रत्याकर्षित होता है| जिन लोगों के प्रति वह आकर्षण महसूस करता है तथा जो लोग उसे मूल्यवान होने का भावः महसूस कराते हैं वह उन्हें अपने संबंधियों के रूप में स्वीकारता है तथा अन्य को नहीं स्वीकारता है|

इस तरह से यहाँ पर यह साफ़ देखने में आता है कि अभी संबंध का आधार आकर्षण, प्रत्याकर्षण ही बना रहता है| यहाँ पर एक और जो काफी महत्त्वपूर्ण चीज़ नज़र आती है वह यह है कि आकर्षण के आधार पर संबंध में स्वीकृति के भावः की निरंतरता नहीं बनी रहती| यह इस तरह से देखा जा सकता है कि आकर्षण के मूल में या तो संवेदना है या मूल्य में वृद्धि का अनुमान है| संवेदना खुद में ही निरंतर नहीं बनी रहती और दूसरे व्यक्ति के नज़रिए के आधार पर मूल्य में वृद्धि की स्थिरता नहीं बनी रहती| यह ऐसे देखा जा सकता है कि दूसरे व्यक्ति के नज़रिए का मेरे प्रति अच्छा होने से जो मुझे अच्छा लगता है वह निरंतर नहीं बना रहता भले ही दूसरे व्यक्ति का नजरिया मेरे प्रति वैसा ही बना रहे| कुच्छ समय के बाद मुझे उससे भी कुछ अधिक की आवश्यकता महसूस होती है| जब तक मुझे दूसरे व्यक्ति की तरफ आकर्षण से सुख मिलता रहता है तब तक मेरे मन में उसके प्रति संबंध का भावः बना रहता है, पर क्यूंकि आकर्षण खुद में स्थिर नहीं बना रहता तो उसके आधार पर संबंध में स्वीकृति के भावः की स्थिरता नहीं बनी रहती| देखने में आता ही है कि लड़के लड़किया शादी के पहले एक दूसरे के सानिध्य में काफी अच्छा महसूस करते हैं और शादी के बाद कुछ समय बिता लेने पर उन्हें उतना अच्छा महसूस नहीं होता| उन्हें कुछ और ज्यादा कि जरूरत महसूस होती है|

यहाँ पर यह सिद्धः हो जाता है कि आकर्षण संबंध का आधार नहीं हो सकता क्यूंकि उसके आधार पर संबंध में स्वीकृति के भावः कि स्थिरता नहीं बनी रहती| जबकि संबंध में स्वीकृति का भावः अनिवार्य है| बल्कि यह भी देखने में आता है कि जब हम में अस्वीकृति का भावः आता है दूसरे व्यक्ति के प्रति तो हम परेशान ही होते हैं| परेशानी या दुःख किसी को सहज रूप से स्वीकार नहीं होता| यहाँ पर संबंध और स्वीकृति को समझने की आवश्कता महसूस होती है| संबंध में दूसरे व्यक्ति के प्रति स्वीकृति का आधार जब तक मानवत्व नहीं होता तब तक उसमें स्थिरता नहीं बनी रहती| मानवत्व की समझ लिए हमें स्वयं को समझने की आवश्यकता है| स्वयं की समझ के विकास के फलस्वरूप ही स्वयं में मानवत्व तथा मानव संबंध में स्वीकृति की समझ का विकास संभव है| यही स्वयं में सुख तथा संबंधों में उभय तृप्ति का आधार हो सकता है| स्वयं में समाधान ही सुख तथा संबंधों में समाधान की अभिव्यक्ति ही उभय तृप्ति है| समाधान का अर्थ है, स्वयं में स्वयं तथा अस्तित्व का ज्ञान|

How a Doubt works?


A doubt for other person is like a black colored goggle on our eyes, which shows every action of other person as black to us and we ourselves are not aware that the goggle is ON.

It happens that we assume something about some other person and then we start seeing every action of other person in accordance with our assumption. Suppose I assume that “You are selfish”, then every action of yours start looking me filled with selfishness. If you come and give me a smile I find that smile sarcastic or plastic. If you come and ask me “How are you?” then I feel that you are making fun of me. If you come to my house, I feel that you must have come to ask for a favor. Every action of yours, whatever you do, whatever you think, however you behave start looking to me in alignment to my assumption. In fact if I have a doubt for you in my mind then I start doubting you in all my previous interactions. I also start finding every action of yours in alignment of my doubt. This situation becomes similar to seeing that particular person through a black colored goggle and finding his every action black.

This doubt is like a “seed” within me. With time and more and more interaction with you this seed start getting sprouted and then start becoming a small plant, then bigger plant and this continues. The more I interact with you with this seed alive within me the more I nurture it within me. If I keep this seed alive within me for a long time and this seed grows to a bigger tree then it starts hurting me terribly inside. I become very uncertain about the person for whom I have this seed of doubt and my behavior with that person start changing. Now, if this seed had come into me without other person really having any problem then due to change in my behavior with other person, other person starts getting a doubt. If we both do not communicate then after some time we find that we both are not even talking or the strength of relationship is reduced a lot and in reality there was not really a problem in the beginning!

A person who used to look me like this before doubt,

kingAfter I have got a doubt for that person then he starts looking me like this,


Beauty of the person start converting into Beastliness. This whole problem started with the “seed” of doubt which developed within me.

This problem is of Relationships. The root cause of all this problems lies in, Lack of Trust and Respect in Relationships. We lack assurance in relationships to ask other person if there is something wrong and in most of the cases we are very much afraid that what impression it will give to the other person and ultimately we end up loosing the relationships. Relationships are generally not in our priority. We are generally more afraid about our impression on other person and end up loosing impression and relationship both.

In reality Feeling of Relationship is something which is a basic need of a human being. A human being wants to live with Trust and Respect within himself and also in Relationships. This willingness to live with Trust and Respect is something which is continuous and is ever actively present. A human being expects Unconditional Acceptance from other person but lacks the competence to give it to others. Where a human being feel that he is getting Unconditionally Accepted he start bending towards that direction and the moments he feels that now he is no longer getting accepted from the people or he gets fear of getting nonacceptance then he starts running away from them.

In most of the cases the thing which is happening is, everybody wants to get accepted from others around him but lacks the capability to accept others around him. This gives rise to a situation like two beggers are trying to snatch coins from each others bowls. It gives rise to deprivation, exploitation, opposition, coruption, wars and world wars. It is a chain and unfortunately we all are into it.

To understand Human, Human Relationships, Trust, Respect, Unconditional Acceptance etc. we need Knowledge.

Knowledge includes understanding related to:-

Animal and Human


Who leads a more comfortable lifetime, Human or Animal?

We spend our entire life time to earn and sustain a living. For this only 90% of our efforts are going right from the schooling till the job. We go through several hardships for that and remain still unsure whether we will be able to ensure a peaceful life or not.

On the other hand sustaining a living is found easier in case of an animal. He eats, finds a comfortable place and sleeps peacefully, without any tension. When he gets hungry he goes for a hunt finds something and fills his stomach. No insecurity, no tension. If his stomach is filled, environment is comfortable to the body and there are no predators around then he is most tension free animal in the world!

How many nights do humans sleep peacefully? How much time do humans spend without any tension?

I do not say one should aspire to become an animal in order to lead a happy life but I want to understand what is there in case of human being which causes all those tensions and what is the way out of it?

Few more examples to bring out difference between human and animal.

1. After having lunch a human starts thinking where he will get dinner from? that’s why he tries to accumulate more and more to feel secure. On the other hand animal does not. If an animal’s stomach is filled then he doesn’t try to accumulate. He leaves the extra food at the place itself. In case of ants also they are not doing accumulation for the sake of doing accumulation but they are made like that, that’s why they put up cumulative efforts to collect and store their food, not like humans where a human is even ready to kill another human for his feeling of security.

2. If there is a rain, both human and animal will run from there to save themselves from it. After coming into shade animal will be at rest but human will not be. He will start thinking, “What is this rain?”, “What if this comes again?”, “How will I save myself if this happens again?” and several more questions.

3. If a human is given food by throwing at him, he will not take it. If a animal is given food by throwing at him, he will take it.

4. If an animal’s stomach is filled then that is sufficient for him, but if a human’s stomach is filled then that is not sufficient. He starts thinking on many many more things like problems in relationships, problems in job, problems in society etc.

5. In case of an animal if its body is fed well, there are no predators around and environment is comfortable for the body then thats sufficient for him, but in case of a human that is not sufficient.

6. In case of animal sustainance or just living is the major business. In case of human living with Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of these 3 is the major business.

This brings out a major difference between humans and animals.

A Human being wants to live with Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of these 3. A human being wants, Happiness in the Self, Trust and Respect in Relationships, Self-Dependence in job, Fearlessness in Society and Co-Existence in nature.

On the other hand sustaining the body is sufficient for an Animal.

Here we see that Physical Facilities (Food, Cloths, Shelter etc.) are necessary for Human Being but are NOT sufficient to live. In case of Animals Physical Facilities are Necessary and Sufficient.

There is one more major thing to notice in case of Human Being. Need for Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships is continuous in case of Human Beings.They are Ever Actively Present. There is never a time when a human being doesn’t want Happiness in Self, Trust and Respect in Relationships and Fearlessness in Society. In case of Animals that is not the case.

Due to lack of understanding in a human being of himself, he lacks the knowledge of what he really wants and how can he get that. This lack of understanding is the root cause of all the human problems.

So what can ensure a human being what he really wants? It is Right Understanding in a human being at the level of Self, Family, Society and Nature which can ensure it.

This is a big difference between an Animal and a Human. An Animal just wants to live. A Human wants to live with Knowledge, because for a human being Knowledge itself is Happiness.

Unfortunately, currently Humans are also living like Animals or I should say even worse than them.

Loneliness …


One of the scariest feeling one confronts is, loneliness. It is not dependent on whether there are people around you or not. You can be surrounded by many people who are taking care of you, whom you call your friends but still you might feel lonely. It doesn’t let you sleep, it wakes up with the fear of confrontation of new entire day, it kills you every moment. You do not find any pleasure in anything you see around. There is something which is missing and you do not know what that is. You keep spending your time browsing through your collection of movies, collection of books and keep roaming here and there but you do not understand what is missing and what you are searching for. Even a slight empathy by some other person who feels the same gives you immense joy, but even this joy is not permanent. Till the time you are with person who feels the same, you feel good and after that again you start feeling lonely. This feeling of deprivation which is coming out of loneliness becomes intolerable sometimes and you find yourself doing crazy things with people around and things around. You do not understand what you are doing but you have no other option.

You collect your friends go to some hotel and have good food or go to some other place where you feel you will have fun but even there you find that this feeling is chasing you. Your attention is always somewhere else. You do not find pleasure in the food, you do not enjoy the rides of amusement park, you do not get fun in anything. Even the taste of good food becomes tasteless, even the fun of rides in amusement park becomes meaningless. Friends, movies, music, pizza, burger or anything doesn’t give you what you really want!

In such a time if you feel that with some person this feeling or this thirst is getting quenched then you hold that person tightly. Not physically, but emotionally. He becomes a valuable person in your life. You can not afford to loose that person. You feel very comfortable with that person. You can share your feelings with that person. When that person is there around then you feel that the missing thing which you have been searching for, is being supplied to you. When he is not around then again the same feeling starts invading.

Does this happen with  you? In fact this is the problem with most of the youth today!

The questions which come here are:-

1. What is that missing thing which is causing this feeling of loneliness?

2. How can this void be filled?

Here at least we are able to see that this missing thing is not getting fulfilled by anything around. Not with pizza, burger, music, movies or any such thing. And even if it gets quenched with something for sometime, it is not getting quenched permanently. It comes again. You are also able to see that this feeling is there continuously. Need to quench this feeling is there within you continuously. It is some continuous need which need to be  recognized rightly and need to be fulfilled in the right way. You are also able to see that it is some emotional need. It is not a physical need. You are also able to identify that it is ever actively present in you.

It is the need for Trust and Respect. It is the need for Unconditional Acceptance within us from others.

When you feel that you have been unconditionally accepted from any person around you then you feel happy. At that time you feel that the void which you had within you since a long time is getting fulfilled. You feel very comfortable that time.

This need for Unconditional Acceptance is there in a human being by birth. It is Ever Actively Present/Working. It is not something which is optional. It is not something which can be suppressed. It just need to be recognized rightly and need to be served in right way.

Unconditional Acceptance means Unconditional Trust and Unconditional Respect.

At least one is able to see the possibility of it getting ensured in Relationships rather than other things, so it is the Relationships aspect which need to be understood. It is the Trust and Respect in Relationships which when ensured then this thirst is quenched. We feel that we are being Trusted when we we have assurance that other person has Trust on our intention and will keep on Trusting our intention. We feel that we are  being Respected when we have assurance that other person Rightly Evaluate us and will keep on Rightly Evaluate us.

When this feeling of Trust  and Respect is ensured within us then this feeling of Loneliness is gone. It is not about getting Trust and Respect from other person. It is about having Trust and Respect for other person.

To understand Trust, Respect and Unconditional Acceptance we need to  understand ourselves.

Unfortunately in our current society we are trained to mistrust and disrespect. When this is done one is bound get emotionally deprived. This emotional deprivation then becomes cause of several other problems in relationships, society and nature.

A human being by birth has this expectation of Unconditional Acceptance from others around him but is lacking competence to give it to others. When a human start becoming competent to give it to others then this feeling of loneliness starts going away.

So solution to this problem is again, Knowledge.

Knowledge includes, Understanding related to:-

Starting is from the Self, rest is the expansion.

Notions of Development in Corporate!


We see “development” in Hi.Tech city, Hyderabad. We take pride in it. I wanted to highlight some of the notions of development in corporate world.

Mirror Buildings in a place like India.


Maintenance of these buildings is also very costly. You can see almost daily one person hanging from the roof of building cleaning those mirrors.

First they build mirror buildings and then they put curtains behind those mirrors.


Then they run ACs inside more intensively.

Carpets in office.


Maintenance of these carpets is very tedious. One person is office cleans these carpets daily with a vacuum cleaner. They also give contract to some outside person to clean these carpets. If there are dark spots on carpets then they can not be cleaned with the help of normal vacuum cleaners. They are cleaned with the help of two specially designed vacuum cleaners, one of which first does a wet cleaning with the help of soap water and then another soaks and dries the wet thing.

Use of bottled water.


We have polluted water so much that supply of clean water is not available easily. Being dependent on bottled water more and more.

Usage of Light in day time.


First they build mirror buildings, then they put curtains over them. Inside there is no natural light. One is bound to tube lights and bulbs and they are also used in excess.

Use of wrapped sugar and tea and many more drinks.


Use of plasma TVs at many places.


These plasma TVs keep on showing you various advertisements 24×7 to adopt and promote such a kind of life style. They keep on showing you that if you do all this then you will be valued more, you will be priced more by others.

Use of plastic knifes, spoons and folks.


Use of plastic, paper cups.


After use they are disposed.

Use of tissue papers in toilets, dining areas and many more places. One can easily see several dustbin full of tissue paper waste daily.

There are several such companies, at several locations in world.

This is just a glimpse of “development”. There are many more things which are invisible.

They call it “Development”, I find it “Theater of Madness”. Where this development is leading to us?

1. Global warming.

2. Cutting of Trees.

3. Consumption of natural resources in a linear fashion. Excessive/unnecessary usage of resources. Resource depletion.

4. Pollution of land, water, air. Most of the waste is non-biodegradable.

5. There are many more problems which are not directly visible. Like, improper distribution of resources among people which leads to feeling of deprivation, exploitation, opposition, corruption, wars and world wars.

If this is the “development” then what is the goal of it?

Goal is just to increase Profit, Pleasure and Comfort and to Increase one’s Perceived Value in market.

Is there anybody who is satisfied by this? Is there anybody who feels secure in this market? Is there anybody who feels really comfortable within?

It is obvious NO.

So what is the solution? Solution is Right Understanding at the level of every individual.

How it can be archived? By influencing Education System.

What is Right Understanding?

Understanding related to:-

Education and Happiness


Currently the thing which is being given on the name of Education is the training or skills to earn more and more money and become successful. I do not argue on its rightness or wrongness, but I want to understand if that is sufficient? Is this kind of Education complete?

So what is missing from this Education System?

If we try to identify what is the right kind of Education then above question will get automatically answered.

If we see our lives then we find that it includes concerns related to schooling, college/higher education, job, marriage, children, social/financial security, old age, death! Is this sufficient for a human being to live? I say No. Even in this kind of living we can see that we are not happy in any phase of it. I remember I was not happy in the schooling. I never knew why I am studying all this which I am studying. I just used to feel that to become successful person and to earn a living one needs to study. Since the purpose was to earn a living and to become successful person which will happen after completion of my higher studies at least so the journey in education used to be very tough. I do not used to enjoy it. I had to mug, I had to suffer, I had to face the fear of exams, assignments, home works and also the scoldings of parents and teachers if I do not do them. I had to go against my willingness. A thing when done without seeing the right purpose behind it doesn’t preserve our interest for long. Same was the case in college and even after having come into the job. In schooling I had to study to get a good grade, in college I had to study good percentage and in job I have to do it to earn money. Even in school and college ultimately the purpose was to get a good job, earn more and more money and become successful.

If we see that most of us have the same story. In this urge to earn more and more money and to become succesful what we have achieved? A rat race. In this race everybody is running to be ahead of other without knowing where one really wants to go. What it is leading to? It is leading to, exploitation. Feeling of deprivation is the basis of exploitation. Exploitation leads to corruption, opposition, struggle, wars and world wars. It is chain and we all are into it.

With current kind of system where do we stand,

1. Criminal mentality in Humans.

2. Poor relationships in family and Insecurity in Family.

3. Disorganized and Insecure Society.

4. Imbalance in Nature. Global Warming etc.

We see that this is not sufficient for us. At least I can say it for myself. Others can also verify it for them. The major thing which comes into mind now is, if not this then what? This is where we need to think. We do not know alternative. We do not know alternative because we do not know purpose of our living! If purpose of living to a human being is clear then other things will automatically align accordingly.

What is the purpose of living?

There are two basic questions which a human being has:-
1. What do I want?
2. How can I achieve it?

What do I want? It is, Happiness, Prosperity and Continuity of these two.

These two basic questions related to a human being are not addressed in our current education system. In fact if we see closely then we find that a “human being” is never a part of discussion in our entire education system. Without understanding what a human being really wants we can not ever ask the question, how I can achieve which I really want?

We see several problems at the level of Nature, Society, Family and Individual. Problems at the level of Nature are due to lack of organization and harmony at the level of Society. Problems at the level of Society is the manifestation of problems at the level of Family and problems at the level of Family are due to lack of understanding at the level of Individual.

Right Understanding at the level of Individual ensures, Trust/Confidence within that individual, Harmony within that individual, right behavior by him with others around him, others around him start getting assured with him, right utilization, conservation and protection of resources by him.

With Right Understanding within every member of family comes the harmony in family. Harmony in family is the manifestation of harmony within the individual with Right Understanding being the base of it. It ensures prosperity and continuity of prosperity in family due to the feeling of being related, which ensures security financially, emotionally and in every other aspect.

Expression of harmony in Family and in Individual, is the harmony at the level of Society. Ultimately it is the people to make the society. If perception and attitutude of people are changed then everything can change. Only Right Understanding can change it.

A human being by birth has this expectation of Certainty, Consistency and Continuity of Happiness. He expects Unconditional Acceptance from others around. He is willing to do Right and behave Rightly, but due to lack of Right Understanding of willingness and the means to fulfill it one lacks the competence to make himself Happy and make others Happy. Ultimately it gives rise to a system where everyone expects others to make him happy but lacks the competence to make others happy. Here this becomes important to notice that Right Understanding is the basis of Happiness in an individual. It is a basic need of individual. Right Understanding includes, understanding of Self, Family, Society and Nature.

Currently if we notice then in education we learn skills to earn more and more money and become succesful and do not get Right Understanding. Purpose of education has become limited to learning skills so that one can earn more and more money and become succesfull. Study of Human, Humanness, Human Society, Human Culture, Human Tradition etc. are not part of education. Unless this becomes part of education the kind of system we have developed is bound to be like this, in which everybody wants security and everybody feels insecure.

So the answer to the question, How can I achieve what I really want? is,

With Right Understanding within every Individual about Self, Family, Society and Nature, which ensures,

Right Relationships and Harmony in Family, which ensures,

Harmony in Society, which ensures,

Harmony in Nature.