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Success has any Destination?


I remember when I was in primary school coming first in class was success for me, that is what I was told to me by my parents and teachers and that is what I assumed to be right. When I came in 10th, getting good percentage in board exam was success for me. After passing 10th getting into IIT or similar good institution was success for me and thus getting high rank in competitive exams like IIT, AIEEE was success for me. After getting a sufficiently good rank in AIEEE and getting into a good college, getting a good job became success for me. To achieve that success I spent 4 years in college studying all those subjects which I was NOT willing to study! Similar was the case in my primary, secondary and during the preparation for competitive exams, I was not really willing to study all those subjects which I studied. To study all those I had to mug, I had to go against my willingness, I had to suffer, I had to struggle, but since I had assumed something as success so I could not be happy until I achieve it. I completed my B.Tech and got sufficiently good job. I am successful as per my previous definitions of success, now what? Is this sufficient? do I want something more than this? But NO! When I see around me I find there are still some other notions of success. Getting up into corporate ladder is Success, doing MBA and getting a much high paying job is Success, getting ahead of others and coming on the top is success and there are many more!

When I see all this I find that I am not happy in the process of achieving the success which I have assumed to be success and by the time I achieve what I had assumed to be success, my notions of success are changed and I am still running! They say “Success is a journey and not a destination”, but am I happy in the journey? Is there any end to this race? Is there any absolute success or it is always relative? If success is relative then will I ever be successful? Is there happiness in process of achieving success or even after having achieved what I have assumed as success? Is there any definition of Success without Happiness? Why do I want to become successful?

When I ask these questions to myself, I realize that I want to become successful to be happy. Happiness is the main purpose. If the main purpose is not being fulfilled in the course of achieving success or even after having achieved success then what is meaning of becoming successful? There is no definition of success without understanding Happiness i.e. what is happiness? and how can I achieve it?

In current scenario or current notions of success are not able to make us happy and will not be able to make us happy, this is clear, but if not this then what will? This is the very basic question. I have talked to many people who are successful in current notions of success and I realized that they are still not happy, they want something “more” than that, but what is that “more” they do not exactly know!

There are two main questions which a human being has in his life.

1. What do I want to achieve?
2. How can I achieve it?

To analyze first question, if we make a list of all our desires and think more on them then we can identify what we really want to achieve. If I ask myself this question then answer which comes to me is, I want

Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of all 3.

Others can also ponder over this and can verify this if they find this true for themselves or not.

I want Happiness continuously, always, I want to “feel” Prosperity always, I want to live with feeling of relationships with others around me always. There is never a time when I desire for unhappiness, there is never a time when I desire for deprivation, there is never a time when I desire for opposition with anybody.

Now second questions which comes is, How can I achieve it?

Answer of this question can be taken as a proposal,

I can achieve Happiness + Prosperity + Relationships + Continuity of 3, by Understanding. By Understanding of what Happiness is? by Understanding of what Prosperity is? by Understanding of what Relationships are? In total by increasing my Knowledge at the level of

1. Self
2. Family
3. Society
4. Nature




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Housekeeping in my office …


Housekeeping in my office works more than me and gets paid less and is valued less!

I have been observing my office housekeeping since many days and I realized that they work more than me, more number of days and have no value at all!

My office is not very big in size, so we have just two housekeeping members, one lady and one man. Both of them do not know Hindi, they speak Telugu. Lady must be between 40-45 age and man must be around 30-35. When I come to office the lady says “Namaste” to me and on my reply the same way, she feels good and gives a pleasant smile. The man says “Good Morning” when I come. They do the same to all who come to office in the morning. Lady doesn’t talk to many since not many reply to her wishes and looks kind of scared among office people. Since I keep talking to them frequently so the lady now has started talking to me freely without hesitation. She asks me if I have had my breakfast/lunch on respective times.

One day when I was taking coffee in pantry, both the housekeeping members were there, then suddenly lady asked me,

“What is your salary?”

I was feeling uncomfortable within myself on being asked this question from the lady since I knew that my salary would be 10-15 times more than what they are getting and if I tell them my exact salary right away then they might feel low or might start considering me very high or might feel uncomfortable to talk to me next time, so to make the situation lighter I asked them another question without myself answering theirs,

“When do you come to office? And when do you leave?”

She said, “I come by 7:30 and go back by 7 or 8 in the evening”.

“How much do they pay you?” I asked

She said, “I get 3 thousand and this man gets 4.5 thousand”.

I was shocked! It was less than my expectations.

They work for around 12-13 hours a day and that also 6 days a week and get paid just 3-4 thousand!

I work for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week and get paid 10-15 times more than them!

Their work involves a lot of physical work also and in my work I just in front of a computer do some coding.

I asked them to which places they belong, they named a few villages in Andhra. I asked them then why did they come to Hyderabad, they said, for job and their kids do not want to do work in villages. In their jobs they have a lot of insecurity too. I remember the time when our last office boy was expelled from the office without mentioning any reason.

It was not the first time when I was seeing all this. This happens daily and everywhere around us.

After reading what I have written probably most of us would think, “What’s wrong in it? This is how things happen; intellect is paid and valued more than physical labor”. This is the kind of system we live in. This is a servant owner system. If I do not own any natural resource then I am a servant of one or the other. Whatever thing is assumed to be “valuable” in the system, people in production of those things are “valued” and they earn a lot and others are exploited. Now those who are being exploited want to become like those who are exploiting. In this system I can make production in my house continuous only when my kid is also servant or owner of something in the market and is able to earn money and is ready to feed me when I am old. Since in this system there are a lot of insecurities involved so to get rid of those insecurities I am bound to accumulate, continuously and more and more accumulation, which causes many other problems of production and distribution. Now the question which comes is why the thing which is “valued” in the system is “valued”? The stuff which I produce (i.e. Software in my case) is valued in the market and I am earning. Who is the market? Who is creating the market? I am the market and I am creating it. I am making those things valuable in the market which I am making myself and others to produce them for me.

This is really a very big issue and I just mentioned a microscopic glimpse of it. A bigger picture of it can be found at following link

It is the missing purpose in every aspect of our life which makes those things valuable in the system which do not have any value really. And if we ask ourselves if we are happy with the system we are living in? If we feel secure in the system we are living in? If we are able to ensure continuous happiness for ourselves in the system we are living in? Then answer comes as NO!

If I myself am not able to make me happy in the system I created then I need to recheck what am I doing? Where am I going? Is there any direction or it has no direction?

Ultimately the question comes what is the root cause of all this which is happening? And the answer comes that root cause is Understanding. It is the understanding which can make the purpose of life clear, it is the understanding which can make purpose of everything clear, it is the understanding which makes a person self-organized, it is the understanding which develops absolute self confidence in every individual, it is the understanding which makes relationships stronger which ultimately leads to prosperity in every family, it is the understanding which can thus bring fearlessness in the society and peaceful co-existence in nature. This all starts with understanding at the level of individual, because individual is the basic entity of world, nation, state, society, family.